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Home is the place to seek refuge from the problems of our world in winter, including spinach. Under floor heating is used in most of this century cool. Rome may be the first city to offer the use of hot showers. Today, the improved thermal and energy technology, employment. Do not hesitate to try the new version is available on the market.

Category under floor heat.

Under floor heating is called thermal bright That is because the heat goes through the air with heat. This process is called thermal radiation. Are you basically two popular and effective type of floor warming system.

Hot water systems (Hydronic).

Water heater is connected to water connections in the country and then go home, all the water line on the floor and walls are warm. Complex and requires water to be offered each year by employers. Boilers that use large complexes.

Thermal energy.

This is a DIY system, you have to put plates under the floor plate. This plan is the temperature sense temperature changes and will automatically open and close by. Maintenance is virtually nothing to do does not need to use professional help and comfort you through the winter.

Electrical floor heating systems.

Electric under floor heating makes sense when you installed the first ever heat that can be used as floor tion.

* Ceramic tiles and tiles.
* Glass.
* Marble, Slate and Granite.
* Wood.

Why electric heat?

An easy installation.
2 does not need professional help.
Third less energy.
Four more even heat.
5 Heat the odd and very quiet.
6 raise the height below 20 mm.
7 approval of building inspection.

Installed thermal power.

A temple and power system is hot area to be installed. Draw a rough sketch than paper
Second cut groove depth and width of 10mm placed sensors. You will cover the mat with the power to set above the ground. You have sensors on the wall.
3rd place mat can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it piece cake Sheet to sheet metal frame Metal frame continuous line that can be removed, but not to cut the cable box from the cable under the band it is C in walls and floors and begin to set.
After placing fourth with a cement cover and faster chips.

Are slightly different for timber (150 W/m2) and concrete (100 W/m2) is primarily about safety. Heating system installed today to get your winter comfort!